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15 Cities With The Most STDs



Like with most enjoyable things, there are risks involved with sexual activity, and that’s when what was supposed to be a casual one night stand turns in to an awkward trip to the doctor, and possibly an even worse trip to the pharmacist. If you are living the single life in the following states you might want to move, or at least play it as safe as possible. The following are the cities in America with the most STDs. 


15: Jackson, Minnesota

Ranked at the bottom of our list of most sexually active cities is Jackson, Minnesota. This actually a great improvement for Jackson considering the were ranked just a few short years ago. According to city officials the high rate of sexually transmitted disease within the city could have something to do with the higher rate of poverty than elsewhere in the country. However, with a 1.39% rate of STD infection, Jackson only begins to scratch the surface of how bad things can really get. (Continues on Page 2)