10 Warning Signs Someone Is A Functioning Alcoholic

It’s easy to associate alcoholism with slurring words, reckless behavior, and other classical symptoms of being intoxicated. You may expect someone who is a full-blown alcoholic to have a life that is spiraling out of control, but this isn’t always the case. Some people conceal their alcoholism better than others.

Someone struggling with alcoholism may also fly under the radar without easy detection. This type of person who doesn’t display the obvious signs of alcoholism is known as a high-functioning alcoholic. You may very well know a functional alcoholic in your very own family or circle of friends… and not even realize it.

High-functioning alcoholics will often hold down a job, maintain home ownership, and exhibit other behaviors that make their addiction difficult to detect. However, to someone who is aware of the signs, the drinking problem will become apparent.

Once you know the signs, you will be able to recognize if someone is a high-functioning alcoholic and get them the help they need. Here are 10 warning signs that someone is a high-functioning alcoholic. (Continues on Page 2)

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