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25 Most Alcohol Addicted Cities In America


While the opioid epidemic has been infesting the United States in recent years, peoples’ attention has been on prescription painkiller and heroin addiction. However, despite the massive uptick in opioid addictions and opioid related deaths, alcoholism continues to be the single most common chemical dependency in the United States. Alcohol is so engrained in our culture; whether it’s an after-work happy hour or college drinking parties, it’s almost impossible not to be exposed to alcohol consumption throughout your life. This leaves plenty of opportunities to pick up drinking and form a dependency, especially as life becomes more challenging with adulthood.

Depending on where you live, you may be in a higher-risk geography than you realize. Here is a ranked list of the 20 most alcohol addicted cities in the United States, as ranked by The Daily Beast. They compiled the rankings using a combination of data from Experian and the CDC. (Continues On Page 2)