15 Signs Your Body Is Begging For Help

Listen To Your Body. It May Save Your Life.

You don’t necessarily need to be a doctor to recognize signs your body is begging for help – sometimes, you just have to look and listen. Every year, thousands of preventable deaths occur due to late diagnosis. People frequently experience fear when they come to the realization there’s something not quite right about their symptoms; a cough that lasts a little too long or a recurring that evades explanation can both inspire panic. While the best response is to see a doctor, people are often afraid of the possibility they may receive bad news.

However, early diagnosis and treatment are critical. In the off-chance that your itchy skin isn’t just because of dryness, or that episode of vomiting wasn’t just food poisoning, your doctor will be your greatest ally in ensuring you’re properly diagnosed.

In some cases, what may seem like a benign symptom is actually a harbinger of something much more dire. Not long ago, my good friend passed away from pancreatic cancer. He had been suffering from back pain for over a year, but was determined the pain was nothing and would go away on its own. Though pancreatic cancer is extremely deadly, this tragic loss may have been prevented by a doctor’s visit. These common signs your body is begging for help should never be ignored. (Continues on Page 2)


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